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My name is Morgan. It means "born of the sea." I guess it is fitting then that I grew up to join the amphibious warrior league - aka the Marines. Of all the things I know, there is one thing I know best - I now know that I know less now than I thought I knew back when.

control, alt, delete

A wise man once told me that a plan is only as good as your willingness to change it.  I think he was right. Sometimes in life things simply don’t work.  No matter the effort, no matter the justification, no … Continue reading

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rock candy

Everybody does it.  We can’t help it.  It must be coded into our DNA or something.  Every single day we long for it, we chase after it, we scour the horizon for any gleaming hope of it.  We work excruciatingly … Continue reading

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consummated silence

Amidst a backdrop of sheer infinite void, darkness overwhelmed the absence of light.  Silence smothered the nothingness with a blanket of words that had not yet been spoken.  The blank expanse, the void, the emptiness longed for the manifestation of … Continue reading

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soggy pockets

A chicken sandwich? That’s all you got? I haven’t eaten for a day and a half and you come here and hand me a chicken sandwich? Is this a joke? And it’s frozen! A frozen chicken sandwich? You mean to … Continue reading

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watching the six

There’s just something that happens.  Things quickly become different in ways I cannot explain.  In one single breath the entire world changes and everything you thought you knew about yourself becomes the way you used to be.  It’s a nameless, … Continue reading

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