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My name is Wolf. I came into this world as a Flüchtlinge-Kind (refugee child), and lived in a displaced persons camp in Austria after my family’s flight to freedom from behind the Iron Curtain. My family was among the millions of so-called Heimatvertreibene (expelled persons) forced to flee their homelands in Central and Eastern Europe after Communists came to power. This historic event is now known as Die Flucht und Verteibung, (The Flight and Expulsion). My mother died in the camp when I was just two years old.

When I was three I immigrated with my family to the USA and after a brief stay in Texas, settled in North Carolina. Then, my father died leaving me orphaned at age fifteen. The Sessoms family opened their hearts and home and took me in. I didn’t know it at the time but God was at work… for it was while I was in their home that I heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and met the love of my life… my wife Robin.

After a brief and sort of wild year in college I joined the US Army and was assigned to duty with the 82nd Airborne Division. I heard God’s call to ministry after my military service ended and went on to study for the ministry. While serving in the ministry, I also discovered along the way that I had an interest in business. I have worked for many years in the corporate arena as a manager and consultant in both the business and finance sectors.

Robin and I live in Apex, NC where we enjoy spending time with our wonderful son and daughter and their spouses and our five precious grandchildren.

Really, if I had to sum up my life, it would be this: when it’s all been said and done, there is just one thing that really matters. Did I do my best to live for the Lord, to share His gospel message of salvation and hope, and complete the work He gave me to do?

My heart’s desire is that Benjamin’s Gate will be a place of rest and renewal for everyone who comes here. Please come often and let me know what you think.

– Wolf –

38 Responses to About the Author

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry ’bout the last post about wrestling. It didn’t even leave my name. I said i didn’t know how to use facebook. Steve A. Wilson . Class of ’72. PS- you were too fast to pin.Don’t know how Robin ever caught you. Good luck .Steve

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wolfie, So good to hear and see you so many years later after seeing you mostly on your back, being pinned all the time………just a joke about your wrestling career State tournement of “72….. I wrestled at NCSU and pinned my opponent from Carolina,then played touch football with some girls,stepped in a post hole and my knee snapped backwards, ending my short career. I had just talked Cliff Holt into going out for the NCSU team. He practiced two weeks with me(coach gave me keys to NCSU gym), he made first string at NCSU, pinned th Captain of UNC in 17 seconds after captain made mistake og slapping Cliff to stun him. Cliff didn’t stun. The gym went nuts. I thought you’d enjoy that true story. Cliff droppeed out of NCSU a couple of weeks later.He joined the USARMY and led first flight of Apache helicopters in first battle of Gulf War 1. I talked briefly with him later and he said he was getting out. Haven’t heard from him since… I ramble on since the brain damage and don’t have your email adress and was reading your posts. Haven’t gotten hang of facebook yet and felt I wanted to say hello. How’s Rick doing? You got the” Catch of the Class of 72″. I apologise to any one that had to read this rant.

  3. eageye says:

    Hi papa

  4. eageye says:

    Hi it isaac

  5. Erica says:

    Just saw this posted by my FB Friend. Thank you for this Blessed page/site. I got a glimpse of the Benjamite Generation from a well-known Pastor. Would like to delve more into God’s Word about this. God is good.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wolfie, being reminded of your poignant life-story and hearing your testimony is such a blessing. How precious to imagine God’s plan for that two year old. But knowing that He gives us a free will to choose His gift of Eternal Life makes your testimony so powerful. It is not surprising to see that He was able to minister through you; as you have always had a “knowing”, kind and sweet spirit. That you and your dear Robin have used the opportunity to share God’s love in our moment here on earth is such an encouragement to each person who is touched and changed by your willingness to share. May God continue to bless and encourage the two of you!

  7. Sara says:

    Just read your story! Incredible! A friend posts the prayers on her FB page. Love reading them! I had no idea you lived in Apex! i am glad God sent you here!

  8. Beverly McNamara Cotter says:

    Wolf, never knew your story, but what an inspiring story it is! God bless you and Robin as you follow His calling!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some very dear friends told me about you today. I am certain I will take strenghth in your life experience and words in the days to come. Thank God for strong people who guide us daily.

  10. Debra Sapp says:

    Thank you for sharing your story here Wolf! It is an amazing one. I am grateful to be a part of it and appreciate your true love of people and Our Lord. Bless you and your family always.


  11. Carl says:

    Wolf, I am thankful that God brought the Sessoms family and yourself to minister to my hometown. We are better for it. Those of us who grew up with every advantage have to realize that some people grow up as disabled with Downs or cerebral palsy, orphans, or poor, or persecuted. I guess that it is a shock to have daily contact with such a one, when they are supposed to be lifelong refugees or sharecroppers, far away. Thanks for the testimony of a transformed life.

  12. Sallie Knott Deaton says:

    I just had opportunity to read your story. Amazing, inspiring and thank you for having the courage to rise above it all and share your faith with us.

  13. Janet Norris says:

    Dearest Wolf,
    Thank you for prayers and comfort. Janet

  14. Connie Goss Taylor says:

    Wolf, that was a inspiring story about you I never new. It is so amazing what you and Robin are doing for the Lord.
    I don’t know if you remember me but I was the shy girl and I finally got out of my shyness in my 30’s. The Lord really help me overcome it. And your beautiful wife Robin, I alway remember she had this beautiful smile in high school.
    I am married to Alan Taylor cary class of “71 and we have a beautiful granddaughter whose name is Everly, Also we live in Apex too. Take care and in Christ,

    • Connie, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate so much your catching us up on your life. We have relived so many awesome memories because friends have taken the time to write. Blessings to you and your family. Hope we can stay in touch.

  15. Douglas Morosoff says:

    Potpurri opus in blue – This was very moving and thought provoking….May God continue to bless you and this ministry.

  16. Ladonna Greene says:

    Wow….. I never knew this! What an amazing story and life you have had!! What a testimony! I hope I get to see you and Robin sometime. I LOVE Benjamin’s Gate! What a blessing.

  17. Ed Williams says:

    After all these years of knowing you, I never knew the story of how you got to the Sessoms. As I read about “who you are” it seems only like yesterday, I remember your wild college years, not to mention our crazy days just growing up. I do remember you told me how you had found the lord and knew for sure, Robin was the one. How the song “Peaceful Easy Feeling” meant so much to you. I remember being asked to do the buddy system to join the Army, not knowning I’d end up joining two years latter and staying 21 years. In those “Wonder Years” I called you a friend.
    There are just a handful of people who really shape a person’s life, through the journey, and I’ve learned to say thankyou while I can. Thanks Wolfie!
    You and your family, being blessed with his love, show how we all should live.

    • Thank you Wolf for sharing your story and for Benjamin’s Gate. I too am a pilgrim and love to attend bible study to be open to receiving God’s messages. Certainly today’s call to read your blog, “Benjamin’s Gate” is a Godwink to me today. Thank you!

      • Deborah, how wonderful to know you liked reading our blog. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I particularly enjoyed your use of term, “Godwink,” which I plan to use from now on in my writing. Thank you much for visiting our gate… come again anytime – the gatekeeper.

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