morning prayer (11/13/2016)

Good morning Jesus. Lord, I sit here in your presence, prepared to face a new day….a new day that you have given me. How shall I live it? My heart is to please you in all that I say, and all that I do. But so many days I fall short of that. Father, thank you that your Holy Spirit convicts me of sin; that He brings me to a place of godly remorse and gently directs me back onto the straight path. Today Lord, I surrender to you; help me to speak in a way that honors you; to act according to your word. Use my life to bring others to salvation, and forgive me for the times that I am a stumbling block to those who seek you. My life is yours Jesus… are Lord.


About Wolf, the Gatekeeper

My name is Wolf. I am a sojourner, refugee, immigrant, husband, father and grandfather; abundantly blessed and saved by grace; and still a sojourner. Read Hebrews 11:14-16.
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